Highlights of 2014: New York Gourmet Walking Tour

Happy New Year! It’s hard to believe the festive season is all but over (is it just me or did it zip by quicker than usual?) Once the eating, drinking and being merry have settled down a tad, I like to take the opportunity to reflect on the year that was.

Scouring through the thousands of photos I took over the last 12 months, I am yet again taken aback by how incredible 2014 was for me in so many ways…I only wish I had shared these experiences with you as they happened!

One of my wildest dreams came true for me in May last year, when I travelled to New York with my parents and sister. Almost 8 months later I’m still pinching myself. Wow. Just…wow. Talk about expectations exceeded – all the songs, movies, television shows and travel programs about and set in New York can’t prepare you enough for its sheer awesomeness! Rather than spend 1000 words gushing about it (it’s entirely possible to do so), I wanted to share one of the many Food Tourist highlights this trip offered.

On a beautiful, sunny Saturday afternoon while my dad and sister explored the Intrepid, mum and I spent a leisurely three hours traipsing through the West Village, enjoying New York Food Tours’ Ultimate New York Food & Culture Tour™, which I had booked before we left Australia.

Our friendly guide met us on Bleecker Street (possibly my favourite New York street so far), and we followed her on one of the tastiest journeys I’ve ever been on, with each step taking us to new heights in deliciousness.


Stop 1: Faicco’s

One can only dream about having an Italian deli like this in your neighbourhood, with its tins, packets and jars of delicious produce and pasta piled high and wide; freshly made ready-to-heat gourmet meals; and a cold cabinet teeming with succulent meats, exotic sausages and dreamy, creamy cheeses.

TASTE SENSATION #1: Arancini balls

Stop 2: Murray’s Cheese Shop

Cheese? Yes please! We didn’t have to go too far for our next stop – in fact, we just walked next door! While our next tasty morsel was being prepared, we had an opportunity to explore this cheese-lover’s heaven, which is roughly the size of a small supermarket and filled with cheeses from all over the world, plus a selection of gourmet bread and other deli delights. I was just about to succumb to the temptation of buying a giant wheel of vintage cheddar and magnum of red wine, when we were called – our snack was ready (just in time, phew!)

TASTE SENSATION #2 – Gourmet Three-Cheese Grilled Cheese.

Stop 3: Joe’s Pizza

Just around the corner, it was time to enjoy a New York institution. It goes without saying that a trip to New York is not complete until you’ve had a true slice of NY pizza. I must admit, despite being in New York for almost a week by that point, I still hadn’t – this would be my first.

TASTE SENSATION #3: NY Pizza slice

Stop 4: Popbar

Once again, we only had to venture next door for our next treat. And what a sweet treat it was! Popbar offers a wide range of refreshing iced yoghurt, gelato or sorbet flavours on a stick, which can be dipped, half-dipped or covered with a number of yummy crumbly, crunchy and/or gooey toppings. As soon as I saw ‘coconut’, I was sold.

TASTE SENSATION #4: Coconut PopGelato half-dipped in chocolate and covered with coconut.

Stop 5: Washington Square Park

Believe it or not, this tour was not just about finding tasty treats around the West Village – our lovely guide also provided a lot of interesting and insightful information about the history and culture of the area. On our way to the next food-stop, we passed through the delightful Washington Square Park; due to the absolutely sparkling conditions – blue skies, temperatures in the mid to high 20s (about 80 degrees Fahrenheit) – the place was positively teeming with families, couples, students and street performers happily making the most of the spring sunshine.

It was wonderful to learn the story of ‘Larry The Pigeon Guy’ and watch him playing with his marionette alter ego that had been especially made for him by puppeteer/entertainer Ricky Syers (you can find an image of them on the Humans of New York Facebook page). And I finally learned the location of the iconic Arch that I’d seen a million times watching Friends!

Stop 6: Mamoun’s Falafel Restaurant

Macdougal Street is a melting pot of every kind of cuisine you can think of – I can’t wait to return to New York one day and sample everything it offers. Lucky for us, we had the opportunity to indulge in some Middle Eastern cuisine from a Macdougal Street mainstay.

TASTE SENSATION #5: Falafel balls

Stop 7: Molly’s Cupcakes

Back on Bleecker for our next stop. I just love the story behind Molly’s Cupcakes. This iconic bakery was established in honour of the founder’s third grade teacher who would bake delicious cupcakes each time a class member had a birthday. Not only does he continue her tradition of creating beautiful, decadent sweet treats, but donates part of the stores’ profits to schools in the local community. What a treat it was to sit down and indulge in one of their award-winning cupcakes!

TASTE SENSATION #6: Red velvet mini cupcakes.

Stop 8: Pasticceria Rocco

Yes, there’s more! After Molly’s I wasn’t sure if I could fit in another decadent treat, but as soon as you enter Rocco’s, you are drawn like a magnet to the glass counter where you are welcomed by rows and rows of indulgent Italian pastries, tortas and pies and all is forgotten. After enjoying one more dessert, together with a lovely coffee, we bid farewell to our guide. All that was left to do was decide which cake to take on the subway back to our hotel…

TASTE SENSATION #7: Pistachio cannoli

P.S. The New York Baked Cheesecake won…

(Did I mention that I LOVE New York?)

I’m determined to spend more time ‘confessing’ this year, so stay tuned for further highlights from this trip (and more)…!

My pick for LaChouett’s Pick the World (USA) event.

6 thoughts on “Highlights of 2014: New York Gourmet Walking Tour

  1. This is so funny. I grew up in New York City. I have my own neighborhoods that I frequented, and places I’ve eaten, over and over again. But what makes it interesting is when someone from out of town comes and finds all these other places I’ve never been to. Of course, Washington Square Park was my college campus. I lived right on University Place. And that made Bleeker Street a well known thoroughfare. McDougal perhaps was even more so. Did you get to the cafes? Reggio? or the Olive Tree (is it still there?). My favorite Pizza place was Stromboli’s on University Place. It’s probably gone now. I haven’t been back in ages.

    Thanks for Memory Lane, and the culinary view of a great city. Did you make it down to Chinatown? And, how about Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx and Staten Island? Manhattan is only one borough. There’s so much going on in all the others as well.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. that traveling nurse says:

    I’ve been to New York several times but never did a walking food tour. Now, THAT is something I would like to do the next time I visit! Thanks for the tip. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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