First confession – a brief history

Together with some encouragement from a few lovely friends, I decided to create Confessions of a Food Tourist as a dedicated outlet for exploring and sharing my passions…

A little bit about me

I love food. I love to travel. I love photography. I am by no means a professional or expertly skilled or trained in either of these fields, but they all make my heart sing. Another lifelong passion of mine is creative writing, although I tend to keep this one a bit more to myself. I enjoy each on their own, but if I have the opportunity to combine two or more at once, I am in my element.

For as long as I can remember, I have been very snap-happy. However, it’s not always about capturing the subject or landscape in front of me, but also the feelings I’m experiencing at that exact moment (mostly positive), and I relive these each time I look back at my photos.

In regards to food in particular, it wasn’t until I travelled interstate with a friend and colleague back in 2006 that I became aware of just how often I would (subconsciously) whip the camera out each time I had a lovely meal in front of me until she commented on it several days into the trip. A few weeks after returning home, I put together a slideshow of all my favourite images from our trip as a small gift, and she later called me in tears, saying “I know why you do it now, thank you for taking all those photos…even the food ones!”

At that point I became a self-confessed Food Tourist, and have enjoyed sharing my favourite food and travel experiences (which are generally among my happiest moments) with my loved ones ever since. This blog now allows me to do so without unnecessarily bombarding my Facebook friends’ news feeds with tedious posts!

What to expect

As well as lots of anecdotes and images from my favourite food experiences abroad (New York or London, anyone?), you may see more posts like this, thanks to my curious penchant for taking step-by-step photographs as I’m cooking, for the (so far) non-existent book of my all-time favourite recipes I’m compiling in my head.

Obviously I’m not here to change the world – I just hope to inspire, or simply provide an enjoyable escape from the everyday for fellow travel, food and/or photography enthusiasts.



4 thoughts on “First confession – a brief history

  1. Tina Ey says:

    You have an amazing blog and I am sure I’m going to relate more of your posts because I love food, travel and photography! 😀 Expecting for more! 🙂


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