Sharing the love: the perfect coffee break

My favourite aspect of blogging has to be the opportunity to engage with fellow bloggers, and explore the never-ending supply of interesting and inspirational posts and The Daily Post’s Blogging101 course has provided a perfect introduction to the blogging community.

I hope to incorporate a regular feature where I can share the love and highlight some of the many blogs or individual posts that have struck a chord with me, especially those featuring my favourite categories such as food, travel, photography and writing.

One blog in particular has caught my eye recently, as it encompasses most of these at once:

The Little Library Cafe offers a very clever spin on the ‘average’ food blog – all recipes provided have been inspired by books the author (Kate) has read since childhood, therefore making it a wonderful haven for food lovers and avid readers alike.

I’ve already spotted some of my own favourite books among the recipes, including:

Kate provides direct passages from the books along with her own thoughts and anecdotes behind her choices (most of which I very much identify with), and the Instagram images of the finished product provide a lovely vintage touch, adding to the warm, cosy feel of the blog.

The creative combination of all these things is just magical – thank you Kate for your delightful Library Cafe! I can’t wait to see what other tasty literary treats you have in store for us!

On a side note, as I was browsing through the Little Library Cafe, I was also reminded of a recipe book I picked up at the Art Gallery of South Australia during an exhibition of Edwardian art several years ago. Called Elegant Sufficiency and published by the National Gallery of Australia, it contains recipes inspired by the art and food of the era with a contemporary edge. I’m yet to try most of the recipes out (a faux pas I hope to rectify sooner than later), but I just love flicking through it, admiring the exquisite photography, decadent recipes and reminiscing about those beautiful masterpieces that inspired them.

Elegant Sufficiency by Claudia Hyles and Ron Ramsey, published by the National Gallery of Australia

A snapshot of “Elegant Sufficiency” (by Claudia Hyles and Ron Ramsey, published by the National Gallery of Australia)


2 thoughts on “Sharing the love: the perfect coffee break

  1. As soon as I saw “Bruce’s Chocolate Cake” I knew this would be the prefect read for me!
    I was that child who watched Matilda on VHS 7 times a day until my mother returned it to the video store early to deter me from rewinding and pressing play again. Thanks for recommending such a lovely blogger 🙂


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