“This (giant) pretzel is making me thirsty!”

I made a promise to myself that I would begin to take part in the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge as soon as I could immediately make a mental connection between the theme and one of my photos. When I saw that this week’s theme was ‘Scale’, I knew there was only one possibility.

Flashback to October 2008:

As part of our Top Deck European Odyssey tour, we had made a very quick morning stop in Salzburg’s beautiful Old Town soon after departing the quaint storybook-town of St. Johann in Austria’s Tyrol region.

We were dropped off near the Kapitelplatz and given a little over an hour to explore the area before we began the long drive to Prague. Given that it was barely 9am in the morning, not a lot was open apart from a little kiosk and a couple of food and market stalls that were slowly setting up in the main square.

While I made a beeline for the kiosk to get a Viennese hot chocolate (it was a tad chilly), my hungry Other-Half quickly caught a whiff of fresh bread and followed his nose directly to the source: a food stall selling pretzels in a wide range of delicious flavours. Not only were they freshly baked, but they were also bigger than a human head!

I couldn’t resist the urge to capture him in his element devouring the giant pretzel in front of the random ‘man on a giant golden sphere’ sculpture.*

COAFT Salzburg 01

Spot the tourist: giant pretzel in one hand, Red Bull in the other…

To this day he still salivates when reminiscing about that giant pretzel…

COAFT Salzburg 02* later identified as Stephan Balkenhol′s “Sphaera”, part of a Salzburg Foundation Art Project.


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